Frequently Asked Questions


What do you charge to prepare income tax returns?

With the every changing complexities of both personal and business income tax returns it makes it impossible to give you a quote on the price of a tax return on the telephone.  However, we will be most happy to schedule a ONE HOUR free consultation to look at your situation and then give you an estimate of our fees.


How long does it take to receive our tax return once we meet with you in your office?

Depending on the time of the year and how close to an actual tax deadline effects our turn around time.  However, in most cases we will have your return back to you and ready to file within a week.  


Can you review our previously filed returns when you meet with us.

We would be most happy to review your previously filed returns.  In fact, we like to see your last 2 years returns before working with a new client.  It gives us great insight in your unique situation.  AND, it could lead to a refund it we spot something we think should have been done differently.